Microsoft’s CES booth tour

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How does the world’s biggest software manufacturer bring the pain at CES? Read on for a guided tour…

« Vista, get your Vista here! Best. OS. Ever! »

3D window cascade in
Vista. Sweet.

Media Center, Vista style.

The rarest and most beautiful of creatures, Femalus Gamerus.

New game for Windows: Incinerate the Penguin.

Probably the only time these peeps will ever get to play 360.

World’s most expensive
bicycle wheel.

Windows Local is the best. True dat…double

« I wonder if this rocks some sort of
DRM… »

This ain’t your grandma’s jukebox.

« Don’t listen to Pogue and Mossberg,
listen to me. »

Family reunion.

Music Gremlin in the wild (thankfully prior to midnight).

« Damn, I thought
this was the Apple booth. »