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9:50 Weird iChat demo starting. “Hi, I’m steve, and

welcome to my weekly podcast, super-secret apple rumors.”

“I have some pretty good sources”

iChat records direct to Garageband for remote interviews.

9:45 Magic iDVD Fancy captions scroll by in a surfing video. Drop in photos, albums, movies. One button to create pro effect.

Hey! Jobs is putting the guy next to me to sleep. He’s totally nodding off. Alert! Alert! Apple Magic not working in row 5.

9:41 iMovie update. Export directly to iPod for video
podcasts. Wow, someone’s got serious home-moving making skillz with
iMovies. Jobs is showing off a family vacationing in Italy. I wish my
home movie turned out this good. The frame has a scrapbook theme.

9:40 Droning on about iPhoto and photocasting. Oh man, at this rate,
if he’s going through all the apps in iLife, we’re gonna be here until
noon… tomorrow.

He’s uploading photos for grandma to demo Photocasting. “Let’s use
fast user switching and pretend I’m grandma taylor.” Hahahaha. Oh,
Steve… you are funnier than Jon Stewart. Apple should host the Oscars.

9:35 Damn security bastards! Every time we get up from our chair to
get closer to the stage to take a picture of the mock-turtle neck man,
a goon rushes up and pushes us back to our seat.

9:30 Introducing Photocasting. Podcasting for Photos.

“This is podcasting for photos. We want to all share our photos.
Increasingly we’d like to share them over the internet. Wouldn’t it be
great that everytime I updated an album other people would get the
updates automatically?”

In iphoto, hit a button when you are in a folder of photos. It
uploads the folder to .mac (password protected). Then people can
subscribe to your photo album (like RSS), and the photo album in their
iPhoto list will be auto-updated.

“It’s like magic”
“You take away the machinery, it’s just like magic”

Oh, Steve… Are you the Wizard of Oz? Nothing huge has been announced
yet, but his presentation skills have kept people riveted. I can’t
imagine anyone else talking about RSS and have 5,000 people paying
attention and clapping.

9:27 Let’s talk iLife (can we please cut to the hardware already?)—
Starting with iPhoto. In this release it is incredibly fast. The old
limit was 25,000 photos. The new limit is 250,000 photos. It is just
beautiful and it scrolls like butter. It will have full-screen editing.
The effects panel, wow, it has Sepia tone! Never seen that
before. Apple has the power to kill sepia, why don’t they? All the
effects will be on one palette. Clicking quickly through the different

New photo albums. The quality is dramatically better. And they will
offer calendars. Drag photos onto dates. Also added postcards/greeting

Photocasting! What’s that?

9:25 A new release of Tiger comes out today. 10.4.4— it’s free.

9:22 Video demo of Aperture.

Widgets: There are now 1,500 of them. We decided to create a few
more of our own. We created a Google Widget (how is that new?). We got
a new front end to Address Book. We got a new widget for the ski
season. We got a new calendar. We have a new sports widget.

9:20 Update on Chrysler. Chrysler is the first of the big three auto
makers to introduce major iPod integration. Over 3 million cars will
have it this year. In 2006 over 40 percent of the cars sold in the U.S.
will have iPod integration. The last thing I got is a new iPod ad. An
ad with Wynton Marsalis, silhouette style with Wynton and his band.

We’re gonna spend the rest of the day talking about the Mac (big applause). Starting with apps.

9:17 “We’re also introducing a new accessory, a remote control and FM tuner.”
You can plug this into your Nano, your fifth generation iPod. A radio
menu will come up (showing picture of FM frequency). $49 goes on sale

9:10 Total number of ipods sold: 42 million. 32 million sold in 2005. Oohs and ahs from audience.

850 million songs sold on iTunes—3million per day. The number one video on iTunes: The Rose Bowl.

Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night Live on iTunes soon. Jobs
shows the John Belushi samurai deli skit, Coneheads, Blues Bros. “All
the great skits you’re onning to be able to buy today on iTunes.”

9:07: Lights dimmed. Steve Jobs walks on stage. He’s wearing the
same damn outfit: black mock turtle, jeans sans belt and sneakers. He
looks hung. Seriously, guy’s got a chubby going.

Air smells slightly odd. I bet they’re pumping in a slightly higher oxygen concentration to get us buzzed.

Starts off with an update of Mac stores. “I’m really pleased to
announce that we had 26 million visitors to our retail stores. This is
more people than people who live in any state in our union than
The retail stores had a $1 billion quarter for the first time. 14 million iPods were sold this holiday season.

People are taking photos like it’s an NBA finals game in here.

8:53: Al Gore is escorted back stage. “Please turn off your cell
phones…” The guy in front of me: “does anyone have any bourbon?” Lady
in front of me is on MySpace, wtf? Its like a terribly sedate rock
concert in here. Applefolk are dressed in sky blue

8:50: We made it into the hall with a crush of reporters. For a
minute in the panic to get seats, we thought we might be caught in a
media stampede. After a few stubbed toes and apologies to Japanese
reporters we made it to our seats.

We’re told to walk through some corridors to the keynote, but many people ran. Gorillaz and Beck are playing.

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