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Minute-by-minute updates
12:49 am Until noon Tuesday, the Douglas County Courthouse will be closed. Paulding County government offices will be closed all day Tuesday. 12:49 am The latest list of Douglas County <b>road closings</b> can be found here. 11:31 pm I-285 over Chattahoochee River closed, according to <b>Georgia DOT</b>. <b>…</b>
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Michelle Obama&#39;s revenge for flirts
Her husband, it would later be reported, had grown close to an attractive young African-American woman [working for the Obama campaign] named <b>Vera Baker</b>. &quot;When <b>Baker</b> suddenly and inexplicably vanished from the campaign and resurfaced on the Caribbean island of Martinique, tongues reportedly <b>…</b>
New York Post

Angie Harmon kicks off celebrity shoe auction
<b>…</b> DC, nonprofit KaBOOM! which builds playgrounds. It takes place in a Manhattan park. Harmon&#39;s television credits include &quot;Law &amp; Order&quot; and &quot;Women&#39;s Murder Club.&quot; She kicks off the shoe auction with her husband, former New York Giants and St. Louis Rams football player <b>Jason Sehorn</b> (SEE&#39;-horn).
The Associated Press

<b>Angie Harmon</b> Kicks Off Celebrity Shoe Auction
(AP) <b>Actress Angie Harmon</b> is hosting a celebrity shoe auction in New York and sending her baby daughter through an obstacle course to raise money for charity. 9-month-old Emery Hope is among the babies crawling through a terrain of mock mountains and ski slopes Tuesday while their moms bid on <b>…</b>
CBS News

Obama pitches healthcare in Sunday talk show blitz
(<b>Karin</b> Cooper / CBS &#39;Face the Nation&#39; / September 20, 2009) By Mark Silva Reporting from Washington – Acknowledging that he hasn&#39;t persuaded the American public and Congress to support sweeping changes to healthcare, President Obama offered a humbling admission Sunday: His message is sometimes <b>…</b>
Los Angeles Times,0,4860137.story

The fall <b>equinox</b> – September 22, 2009
Today is the <b>equinox</b>. The <b>autumnal equinox</b>, to be precise. Astronomically-speaking, the <b>equinox</b> is more than just a box marked on a calendar or the start to fall. Astronomers define the <b>autumnal</b> (fall) <b>equinox</b> as the moment when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator, heading from the north to <b>…</b>–September-22-2009

<b>Obama</b> on &#39;Late Show with David <b>Letterman</b>&#39; (<b>video</b>)
<b>Obama</b> said that they “goofed off,” which he added was something he couldn&#39;t do. The 62-year-old comedian responded, “Well, you have,” prompting a big laugh from both the audience and the president. <b>Obama</b> has appeared on “<b>Letterman</b>” five times before, and his appearance Monday night marks the <b>…</b>
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The home has hosted several of Clark&#39;s high-profile mates, including and the US President, Barack Obama, the former president <b>Bill</b> Clinton and – just recently – the US Vice-President, <b>Joe</b> Biden. Built in 1930, the sprawling Il Palmetto has been completely refurbished over the past two years; <b>…</b>
WA today

First Day Of Fall <b>2009</b>,First Day Of Winter <b>2009</b>
The <b>autumnal equinox</b> for the <b>northern hemisphere</b> is the vernal <b>equinox</b> for the southern <b>hemisphere</b>. Another way to say this is that when fall begins for the <b>northern hemisphere</b>, spring begins for the southern <b>hemisphere</b>. Keeping this in mind can help you remember why we have seasons. <b>…</b>

<b>Country club</b> files for bankruptcy, cancels upcoming weddings
<b>GEORGETOWN</b>, Mass. — Just five days from her big day, one bride has learned her dream wedding will not happen the way she planned. The <b>Georgetown Country Club</b> where the bride planned to celebrate her wedding is reportedly shutting its doors, after filing for bankruptcy. Several brides got a call <b>…</b>