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Joel Courtney Pleaded Guilty to Killing <b>Brooke Wilberger</b> in 2004
By SARAH NETTER Five years after Brigham Young University student <b>Brooke</b> <b>Wilberger</b> vanished from an Oregon apartment complex, her remains have been found. This undated file police photo from video, shows Joel Patrick Courtney, charged with the murder of… Authorities told The Associated Press <b>…</b>
ABC News

Police: Charges pending in death of Good Samaritan at &#39;Spaghetti <b>…</b>
<b>Georgia Navigator Georgia</b> Department of Transportation photo of a fatal wreck Sunday, Sept. 20 on I-85 at I-285. The woman was trying to help another driver who lost control of his vehicle on the junction&#39;s elevated ramp when a truck rear-ended the woman&#39;s car, pushing her over the guard wall <b>…</b>
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Former running back <b>Walker</b> signs up for martial arts
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Former Heisman trophy winner and twice NFL Pro Bowl running back <b>Herschel Walker</b> has signed a multi-fight contract to compete in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), promoter Strikeforce said on Monday. A fifth degree black belt in Taekwondo, the 47-year-old <b>Walker</b> begins a 12-week <b>…</b>

<b>Atlanta</b> Flooding kill 2 in Rain-Soaked <b>Atlanta</b> area
“Conditions are dangerous,” Brummer said about the waters, which have left most of metro <b>Atlanta</b> subject to flash floods. “We are encouraging people to stay at home and to stay off the roads if they can.” More updates about <b>atlanta</b> rain, <b>atlanta</b> news, <b>atlanta weather</b>, <b>atlanta</b> rainfall 2009, <b>…</b>
A Pakistan News

<b>Atlanta</b> Flooding News, <b>Traffic</b> and School Closings (photos)
Heavy rains over the weekend in <b>Atlanta</b> have shut down the city. Two people have been killed (one of them tried to drive through standing water), <b>traffic</b> is at a standstill, almost all of the schools have been closed, and a boil water order has been issued because of water main breaks in the <b>…</b>
Tech Banyan (blog)

2 killed, 2 missing as storms drench Southeast
<b>ATLANTA</b> — <b>Flooding</b> from lines of thunderstorms and rain across the Southeast killed at least 2 people and left 2 others missing Monday, including a Georgia toddler whose family&#39;s mobile home was split apart by a swollen creek. Two Georgia motorists died when their vehicles were swept off <b>…</b>
The Associated Press

<b>Khloe Kardashian Getting Married</b> to Lakers Star Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom leaves for training camp in a few weeks and the pair want to <b>get</b> hitched before he leaves. <b>Khloe&#39;s</b> sister Kim could not be happier for her sis, saying that Lamar makes her very, very happy. “<b>Khloe</b> and Lamar want to <b>get</b> <b>married</b> before Lamar has to go away for training, and the season <b>…</b>

<b>Road closures</b> in metro <b>Atlanta</b>
Traffic in metro <b>Atlanta</b> is expected to get worse for the evening commute. Cobb County alone has closed about 100 roads. The Georgia Department of Transportation and local governments have issued these notices of <b>road closures</b>. Keep checking for updates throughout the day. <b>…</b>
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Georgia Lottery, Atlanta Falcons Present Primetime TV Special On <b>…</b>
15 at 8:30 pm on <b>WSB-TV</b> Channel 2. Viewers will have a unique opportunity to see what goes into the making of a new instant game – from concept and development to printing tickets. They will also get an up-close look at a spectacular Falcons halftime show recently produced by the Georgia Lottery <b>…</b>

<b>Atlanta</b> Flooding <b>News</b>, Traffic and School Closings (photos)
The local Channel 2 Action <b>News</b> said that all of <b>Atlanta&#39;s</b> creeks and rivers are approaching flood level. Additional rain is expected today. The Lake Lanier water level has risen four inches since Saturday, but the risk of it overflowing is minimal, because of recent water shortages that lowered <b>…</b>
Tech Banyan (blog)